04 NOVEMBER 2020

TikTok Fashion Month. Our Report on the Media Impact

TikTok Fashion Month

After just four years from its launch, TikTok is the actual phenomenon in Social Media. It started as a user-friendly platform to share entertaining dance & lip-sync videos, but now it's revealing its potential as a marketing tool. Over the last few months, several brands opened TikTok accounts and launched challenges to engage followers and leverage the platform for brand awareness and sales. Targeting the fashion industry, in September, TikTok held its own Fashion Month, inviting users to share content with the hashtags #TikTokFashionMonth, #GetTheLook, and #Fashion101. DMR Group experts monitored the mentioned hashtags from September 08 to October 08 through a selected panel of accounts relevant for Fashion, Luxury, and Cosmetics. Also, to discover how TikTok contributed to SS21 Fashion Weeks' media impact, they tracked the official hashtags of New York, London, Milan, and Paris' fashion weeks based on the same period and panel.

If you want to know how many views gained the TikTok Fashion Month hashtags, what content creators reached the highest impact, but also which Fashion Week generated more buzz on the social network, download your copy of our report by filling the form below.