23 APRIL 2020

The Covid-19 Effect on Luxury & Lifestyle Social Media


Since last January, the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) spread has been affecting many countries in the world. Its impact on the global population and business is growing day by day. As we are all respecting social distancing and home isolation, Social Media has been increasing its crucial role in our daily communications.

For this reason, DMR Group experts analyzed what happened on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, from March 2 to 29, monitoring our worldwide panel, which includes more than 25K social accounts relevant for fashion, luxury, beauty, and lifestyle industries.

In this report, you will see what platform has been most used to released content and the relative Engagement and how each key category - Media & Journalists, Celebrities & Influencers, and Brands & Stores - changed its activity on social. You will also know how much content they dedicated to the health emergency, including a focus on Nike and Vanity Fair Italia campaigns and the commitment of Chiara Ferragni and her husband, Fedez.

To know all the details, request your copy of the analysis of the Covid-19 effect on Luxury & Lifestyle Social Media, by filling the form below.