29 JUNE 2020

The Social Media Evolution in the Beauty Industry

Beauty Industry Social Media

Although it shares several aspects with Fashion and other Luxury markets, the Beauty industry has its own rules and usually follows its distinctive evolution. Even in these unprecedented times, Beauty companies distinguished themselves and turned this crisis into an opportunity. They not only took advantage of what the experts once called the "Lipstick effect" - today, the "Mascara" one, due to the mandatory usage of face masks. They even got the inspiration for new activities and content. Just think about what happened on Social Media over the latest months. The Beauty industry always strongly relied on Social. So we witnessed the rising of tons of new projects, including not only fundraising programs, but also dedicated "how-to" at home videos and domestic beauty routines.

To understand how Social Media shifted for the Beauty industry over the latest months, we monitored the impact of almost 130 relevant brands from January to May 2020. DMR Group experts tracked their performances on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Weibo, through our panel of 25K+ selected Social Accounts. In our analysis, you will see the overall evolution and the distinctions by Region - EMEA, Americas, APAC - and key Author's category - Brand, Celebrity & Influencer, Media & Journalist. You will also discover the top 10 Celebrities and Influencers, dedicating content to the Beauty industry, in the monitored period, and the top Posts, both Organic and Sponsored. If you want to have a 360 degrees view of the Social Media evolution in the Beauty Industry over the first months of 2020, download your copy of our report, by filling the form below.