16 JULY 2020

Paris Haute Couture Online. The Impact on Print, Web, and Social

Paris Haute Couture Online

Pandemic pushed the fashion system to re-think its physical appointments. Due to precautionary measures, this season's fashion events shifted to digital. British Fashion Council confirmed the June slot, launching the first London Digital Fashion Week, while Milan and Paris moved theirs to July. On May 28, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode announced that Paris Haute Couture Online, the first Haute Couture digital week, would take place from July 06 to 08. Previously scheduled as the last event of the season after men's runways, Haute Couture has been now the kick-off to Paris and Milan fashion weeks.

To understand the impact of the shifting from physical to digital, DMR Group experts analyzed the media performance of Paris Haute Couture Online on Print, Web, and Social. For this study, we tracked official keywords and hashtags, from July 05 to 09. For Print, following our distinctive approach focused on the reader/user's point of view, we decided to work only with data from a panel of 50 international daily and daily-weekly titles over 16 countries to offer a coherent analysis. For Web and Social, we analyzed our entire panel, including over 100K websites and 25K selected social accounts worldwide. In our Paris Haute Couture Online report, you will discover which media between Print, Web, and Social generated more value, in which countries were produced more content and which Celebrities and Influencers ranked firsts, posting about the event on their social accounts. If you want to know more, download your copy of our analysis, by filling the form below.