DMR aim is to be an effective and reliable partner in monitoring, tracking and analyzing all communication activities and strategies of our clients, providing “added value” insights and market intelligence. A tailored monitoring of communication and PR activities for a global and real-time view of your company and its competitors strategies.


A team of 250 Employees providing support to our customers in order to make the best and most effective strategic decisions on PR and communication investments.


DMR serves over 400 customers with a worldwide presence.

Our clients are companies, publishers, advertising and public relations agencies that operate mainly in the fashion, luxury (clothing, bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, ...) and design sectors. The best known and most prestigious brands in the world recognize the uniqueness, reliability and competence of DMR and guarantee us a leading position on the market. At the same time some of the most important publishers and agencies rely on the same data, allowing a more effective and transparent partnership.
We are proud to have among our customers:

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