What is the effectiveness of your communication and PR investments and how much is your editorial return? How much do your competitors invest and what is their editorial return? DMR gives you a 360 ° response thanks to the worldwide monitoring and analysis of the most important newspapers and magazines, websites and social media.


About us

Since more than 20 years leader in monitoring, tracking and analyzing all communication and PR activities and strategies of more than 400 clients in luxury markets worldwide

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A winning mix of experience and expertise of markets and brands for a 360° monitoring: 4500 titles in 44 countries, 100.000 websites and 15.000 selected social media accounts worldwide

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• 20 Years Experience
• Unique Expertise In Luxury Markets
• Technology At Customers’ Service
• Dedicated Account And Personalized Service

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Where we are

Today DMR company has offices and sales offices in three countries, Italy, America and Asia.
DMR ASIA - Hong Kong

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Which are the key questions we help our customers to answer

The overall objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of communication and PR strategies, but what are the concrete questions that customers pose to DMR and to which we respond?

On which communication channels have our customers' brands been more present? In which markets? On which titles / Publishing groups?
What happened in terms of communication and on which media following important events (fashion shows, announcements and new product launches, new POS openings, ...)?
How do we compare our communication performance with the same period last year?
What is the correlation between investments in Advertising and Editorial returns? With which publishing groups did we have better returns? Where should we focus our efforts?
How are the market communication strategies changing with respect to digital media (web and social)? What are the trends?
What returns have given the partnership with celebrities or influencers both in terms of Social media scores and Editorial return on Press or Web?
What activities did our competitors do? Which is the Share of Voice of the main brands in a given period / geographical area?

What are your questions?

DMR can help you find the answer

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