We provide tools for the management and optimization of communication investments


We use the most advanced information technologies to improve the performance of our services, providing support to our customers in order to make the best and most effective strategic decisions about advertising investments. In order to evaluate your brand and its competitors’ communication strategies, we provide a team of experts and a user friendly platform that will deliver a customized selection of information regarding advertising performance and editorial return, developing both a quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Press Review

In order to confirm your communication and your competitors strategy, you have a team of experts and a user friendly platform that will provide you a customized selection of information on advertising performance and editorial return developing both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Web Review

The data is automatically recovered with a simple click, and delivers a complete and flexible tool to facilitate the web research for a real-time global vision of both your company and your competitors.

Image Storage

Scanning the magazines, image storage and research of information through the internet platform., The images are classified according to the categorization (edi, ads, advertorials, inserts, monography), measured according to the space covered on the page (mention, 1/4, 1/2, 2/3, full page), and the positioning (right / left, summary page, staff page, editorial page ...)

Other Services

Additional services that implement the basic service.


Analysis and evaluation of business performance, developped on specific customer requirements for a qualitative and quantitative vision of the market of interest. DMR provides analysis and presentations with comments and graphics support.

Celebrities / Events

DMR offers the possibility to monitor events and to analyze the market for VIP associating the names of celebrities to the relative brand.


Management of the products in entry / exit from the showrooms.

Photo Storage

Digital scan of the titles, database archive and image research through a technological advanced online platform.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our Account Managers have the task to train and assisti the client in the process of data analysis and on the use of our website.


Dashboard focused on the core values that you want to keep an eye on (eg, results compared with competitors, monitoring of selected publications which you want to focus on...)

Press Book

Interactive Photo Gallery available digitally through several media channels (PC, Smart Phone, Tablet).


Application for iPad, iPhone and all kinds of media.

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